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Everything is like black and white and super grainy. I really can't see anything. Hopefully u can fix this soon because im excited to make a video on this game.

how to start game??

This was kind of a fun game.  I saw some strange things, and I was hoping to find bigfoot, but I didn't manage to find him so I just shot some deer instead.  I also tried to hunt down some foxes,but that didn't go so well either.  Anyway hope you enjoy the video!

Can u make a demo of this too in the Engine

Unfortunately licenses of some assets wont allow me to publish it as a demo in the engine.

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its broken theres no trees and there brown and green flailing around the screen and its really laggy

Thanks for the report, what HW?

Controls are a bit funky but i quite enjoyed the game :D

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I'm probably not even fixing the bugs, since they are so funny :)

Sometimes that's what makes a great indie game :D

There is a lot of potential here, I like the environment.

One time while sniping everything went black and I had to restart the game. I tried to kill the fox but I was never succesfull.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, I will try to replicate and fix the bugs in the video

Nice to see you on with your project,
are you planning to release this game without drm?

Definitely no DRM, I do not like it as a player and I consider it counterproductive as a developer.

This is good news and your prototype looks very promising already.
Good luck!