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Shows quite a lot of potential. I suggest making  a tutorial series on YouTube for the engine as I don't really  understand how to use it.

A  promising engine. I hope it will become known like UE4 or Frostbite Engine. 

how can you change the Editor theme and the Icons and some tool names

and how can you modify the engine to your own (as its open source)

64 or 32 bit?



Any plans for cross-platform support? Linux?

In fact linux version was already working, but one new feature was added and it's not ported yet.

great engine question how can i change the text of the program

in the main screen

I'm not sure I understand correctly, do you mean the text in the titlebar in a game?


Jeste tady jsi?


dej mi prosim svuj paypal mail chci ti poslat donate ale itchio si bere 70% :D

Kludne posli cez Pouzivaju takzvane open revenue sharing, to znamena, ze ja si definujem, kolko ide im a kolko mne. Mam to nastavene na 10%. Urcite si zasluzia podiel za to, ze tu mozem hostovat.

ty jsi čech 

Thanks much, I'll check it out today. Is programming needed? (By any chance are you cz?)

There is not a visual script. At least Lua is necessary. I am Slovak.

Super, lua je jediny jazyk ktery umim